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This will (eventually) be the one ebook landing page to rule them all. 

Souls by the Sea – First in my YA Paranormal Adventure series.

Kidnapped and held for ransom in a dream-town by the Witch Next Door, Burlie McLauren must fight her way back to reality. Her family, her beloved little sister, needs her. But Fisk Iping is powerful. He’s sure no broken, helpless girl can beat him. He’s wrong.  Available FREE  on AmazonBarnes and Noble/ iTunes- Apple24 SymbolsScribdKOBOPage Foundry – Inktera

Souls by the Sea: Without – 2nd in the series.

Burlie McLauren is the first victim of a freak force that goes on to rip the self-control from her neighbors, her friends, her classmates, her family…everyone in the town of Souls by the Sea. No one, not even the most powerful witch, is safe. And who’s safe from that witch? Burlie must join forces with a man she distrusts and despises, the ever-charming Fisk Iping, as she steps up to save the town from itself. Without any power of her own. Without a prayer. $2.99 Available  on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  Apple,  Scribd,  Kobo,  Inktera/Page Foundry 

The Kids’ Table – 1st in my series of short ‘n sweet holiday romances.

Some families’ seating arrangements during the holidays make Game of Thrones look like bingo night. Hollin Clocke is 16 and poised to leave the kids’ table at last but Dark Forces (Grandma) stand in her way. She could use a friend. Will Justis MacNair do? Or will his lack of trust wreck a beautiful thing?

Join the Clocke family celebration of food, romance, and grease fire as they all struggle with each other and with the question of who’s growing up vs who’s just growing older. $0.99 Available on Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Apple iTunes /  Kobo / Scribd / Inktera / 24 SymbolsSmashwords