Souls by the Sea


Souls by the Sea: Burlie McLauren, a girl without magic or hope, takes on a corrupt and powerful witch. Burlie’s new to Souls by the Sea, a beautiful town on the North Carolina coast, but she doesn’t like it much. Too many witches, werewolves, and bloodsuckers …DIAF! But her family are beggars, not choosers, who’ve moved in on a kind, and wealthy, aunt.

Which is all Fisk Iping needs to know. Magical cops don’t get paid enough so ransom will get him what he wants. Burlie is magically kidnapped out of the middle of a Halloween carnival to land in Fisk’s mirror-image version of Souls. And, hey, just for fun, Fisk forces her to run a gauntlet of classic monsters. “Get past the Sea Serpent, the Horseman that wants your head, the Wolf Man, and all the others waiting in the dark. If you make it through, I’ll let you go. Maybe.”

Burlie sets out into the teeth (and claws) of Fisk’s imagination. He’s sure he’s already won. But real power is knowledge. And what Burlie soon learns will tear that dream town apart.

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Souls in the Flame: A dark force is shattering the self-control of innocent, decent people in the coastal town of Souls by the Sea, North Carolina. The first victim is Burlie McLauren, sixteen years old and strong. She nearly murders a punk right in front of her little sister’s eyes. The authorities dismiss it as a teenie spat and Burlie has to get the investigation rolling herself.

She’s forced to go to an enemy for help. Fisk Iping, top investigative witch for the Dissimilar community of witches, vampires, and werewolves, is as overbearing and rotten as ever but he believes her.  The hunt is on.

Too late to stop the riot at Burlie’s high school. Too late to stop the fire. Too late to stop the  death. The despair. The vampire attack. The fear. If all the Dissimilar lose their control the entire town is going to burn. And Burlie, an injured girl with no magic, is the only thing that stands in their way.

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Souls of the Storm: Billions of lives are on the line as an insane elemental threat targets the entire world. And it’s all Burlie McLauren’s fault. What did she do?! What could she do? She’s a normal sixteen year old girl, no powers, no hidden destiny, living in the normal coastal town of Souls by the Sea, North Carolina. But she did something and before the Earth dies she’s going to be tortured.

Fisk Iping, talented investigative witch for the local Dissimilar community of magical people, is assigned to protect her. He certainly doesn’t mind but Burlie can’t stand him, she never could stand him, and she never will stand him but she’s forced to tolerate him.

Until he fails miserably to keep her safe. She’s ain’t even mad. In pain and exhausted Burlie now stands alone against a lunatic so powerful that no one, not even the most wise and powerful of the Dissimilar, can so much as scratch him.

The black thunderclouds of the Final Storm choke the sky while floods and hurricane winds scour the ground. Hiding in a deep dungeon, Burlie wonders how can she fight an Ultimate Power with nothing? With the Earth doomed no matter who wins?

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