Souls by the Sea


Souls by the Sea: On Halloween night Burlie McLauren is being held for ransom in a toy town made of memories and dreams. She must somehow defeat Fisk Iping, the criminal witch that’s threatening her entire family, but he’s powerful. He’s sure no broken girl, without a spark of magic, can beat him. He’s painfully wrong.

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Souls by the Sea – Without: Burlie McLauren is the first victim of a dark force that sends decent townspeople running wild. No one, not even the strongest witch, is safe. And who’s safe from that witch? Here’s a hint, nobody! Burlie, without any power at all, must step up to save the town from itself. Without a prayer. Kindle /Nook / iTunes / 24Symbols / Kobo / Inktera / Scribd / Smashwords


Souls by the Sea – The Glorious Fourth: Billions of lives are on the line as an insane elemental threat targets the world…because of what Burlie McLauren did. What did she do? And how can she fight an Ultimate Power with no magic of her own? With the Earth doomed no matter who wins?   Kindle /  Nook / iTunes / 24 Symbols / Kobo / Inktera / Scribd / Smashwords