Souls by the Sea: Without


“Drop the brick!” Burlie McLauren is the first victim of a freak force that goes on to rip the self-control from her neighbors, her friends, her classmates, her family…everyone in the town of Souls by the Sea. No one, not even the most powerful witch, is safe. And who’s safe from that witch? Who’s going to proclaim himself King? Who’s going to ruin a marriage? Who, bizarrely, just wants to talk?

Burlie must join forces with a man she distrusts and despises, the ever-charming Fisk Iping, as she steps up to save the town from itself. Without any power of her own.

Without a prayer.

Available  on Amazon, Barnes and Noble,  Apple,  Scribd,  Kobo,  Inktera/Page Foundry 

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