Souls by the Sea: The Glorious Fourth #kindle #99c

A review for my latest book, Souls by the Sea: The Glorious Fourth, came in and I want to marry it.

“The characters are well developed and fun to be with. Souls by the Sea is a lovely town that I would love to visit. Probably in the summer now. The stories in all three books are well developed, have a lot of action, and quite a bit of humor. I have loved reading them and am looking forward to the next. It is so refreshing to find stories that are so different from so many out there!”

OH, HOW I LOVE YOU, REVIEWER! Thank you. By the way, everybody, the book in question is all of $0.99 this week. Grab a copy!

Sales? I have sales? CLAMS GOT LEGS! OMG! #amwriting

Don’t tell me people actually ARE waiting for the 3rd-in-series before they start buying? I haven’t done one promo and suddenly the red line on my sales chart is beginning to move. Wunnerful! Or was it my sister? Hmmm…I’m happy anyway!

On Friday I outlined a new kids’ novella (took me three tries, dang) but I didn’t write a single word over the holiday. Good! I have to save my neck somehow. The story is going to be short, a kid’s take on my Souls by the Sea series, but it’s not the priority this summer. I have two XMas romance novellas that are. Three is obviously the magic number and I want a trio of every genre I love. Paranormal fantasy (check!) holiday romances (one) and childrens’ books (two).  Next year I’ll probably dive into sci-fi.

Souls will continue to be my full-length and ongoing series, though. I love paranormal fantasy. (Without the magical serial killers, though, thanks.) And away I go…



I’m supposed to be taking a break. But noooo! #workaholic #amwriting

I’m letting G4 stew for a while before I give it the final gloss and start promoting. Excellent timing since it’s Easter/Spring Break and nobody’s out there anyway. So I start picking at everything else. Last night I made a new cover for The Kids’ Table and I’m continuously tweaking the new website and various docs. I’ve rewritten the B/Bogeyman novella in my head. I’m going to make it reality soon but my shoulders are killing me. PUT IT DOWN!!!! Put it all down, crazy woman. It’s a holiday. Try to enjoy yourself.

Spring Romance Deals #free #99c #ebook #fantasy #romance #paranormal


Paranormal, contemporary, and time travel romances. I’ve gathered together a dozen of the top romance writers to help you get all your reading set for the next several weeks. Enjoy spring with love in the air!

All deals run from April 7 through April 9. Many will return to regular price on April 10. So, pick them up soon! -Marilyn Vix

Master List: Spring Romance Promo April 7-9

1) Marilyn Vix
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Everything For Love (Time Rogues Series #1) ($0.99)

2) Jana Janeway
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Mengliad (The Mengliad Series Book 1) ($0.99)

3) Helen Christian
Genre: Paranormal Romance
The Late Shift
Collection of PNR stories from Multiple Authors
(FREE) with newsletter sign-up

4) Jessa Chase
Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Heart, My Home (FREE)

5) Cindy Baker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
We Can Laugh Together Too ($0.99)

6) D. N. Hoxa
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Heartbeat (Morta Fox Book 1) ($0.99)

7) Jessie G. Talbot
The Kid’s Table YA Contemporary Holiday FUN ($0.99)

8) Lee Sutherland
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Undead Love ($0.99)

9) E.C. Sheedy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
California Man ($0.99)

10) Naomi Stone
Genre: Romantic Modern Fairy Tale Short
Three Wishes (FREE)

11) Rica Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trouble Next Door ($0.99)

12) Peggy L Henderson
Genre: Time Travel Romance
Yellowstone Heart Song (FREE)