Testing testing

This is bad, ya’ll. Word Press is still sending the nip-rageous profile pic to Twitter and Facebook whenever I update. I’ve changed my profile pic but it’s still showing up. Maybe it’s just me? Stuck in the cookies somewhere? This sort of thing never happened to Dr. Seuss…


Workin’ my way back to you, babe… #amwriting but slowly.

Oy vey, I’m making good progress on the rewrites but I wish I were a touch faster. (I’ll never stop wishing for speed.) The Souls by the Sea series, however, is FINISHED and that was my main concern. Super Witch is part of that universe so it’ll be finished by this weekend and everything else will be done by Feb, 11th OR ELSE.

That’s the day Super Witch gets out of Select (moron me forgot to uncheck the ‘automatically re-enroll’ box after my initial 3 months were up) and I’m going to start a massive marketing campaign for everything and its dog. 2017 was a learning year and I’m wielding my mighty new skillz!

And have lost my mind, clearly.  But while I’m setting up the marketing I’ll be FINALLY working on something new. What, I have no idea.

I have a #cold

I’m surrounded by windows at the ‘ol day job which means that while it’s 15 degrees F outside (-9 C) it’s only going to be 45 F inside. ALL DAY LONG. I just put my coat back on. Plus I’m deathly ill. As Betty Boop would sing…

Now I’m feeling awfully bad… Ker-Choo!
What a time I’ve had… Ker-Choo!
Cause I didn’t button up my overcoat.
Oh, and all I do is sniff… Ker-Choo!
Pass that handkerchief… Ker-Choo!

I went to see the doctor and I asked him what to do.
Oh, Lord, said the doctor, I think I got one too.
So we lay down, side by side
I’m still here but the doctor died,
Cause he had a cold in his nose.
Oh, I got a cold in my nose!
Boopy-Doopy-Doopy-Doop Ah-Ah-Ah Choo!

In case you didn’t hear me the first time… IT’S 15 DEGREES OUTSIDE! DAMN! It’s actually painful to touch anything on my desk. Putting the phone to my ear is hell. And I’m out of Excedrin. WAAHH!


Lazy wastrel. ‘Tis the season to not be #writing #IveGotABoneInMyLeg

Hello, winter! While I’m pleased at being able to cook all my hearty recipes again, I’m less enthused about the ice on the roads and the yearly reminder that my apartment is about as protective from the elements as a cheese grater. Why do I sleep with the window cracked? I’m getting plenty of fresh air! But I still like winter better than summer.

I’m nesting. I’m taking this week between holidays off (in terms of writing) and my brain is loving the rest. I had such a wild dream last night of COLORS, magnificent colors, and just colors. I was floating inside hues that made rainbows look washed out. I’m still jazzed about it.

I’m also reading some old favorites like Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and that’s a treat, too. I’m not wild about the last two books in the series so I didn’t watch the final movies. Maybe I should. The movies might be more polished and they have Alan Rickman. Sounds like a plan.


‘Tis the season to be mistaking a dirt clod for a crumbly piece of chocolate that fell off your cookie onto your desk. PTOOIE! I need to cut back on the potted plants around here. 

In other news, my rewrites are proceeding well but slowly. (It’s Christmas! WHEEEE!)  Souls by the Sea will be finished tonight and I’ll move immediately on to Souls in the Flame. I have two blessed three-day weekends coming up and I hope to get Souls of the Storm finished ASAP, too. There’s nothing too structurally wrong, like I said before, they all just need a facelift. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and my work needs to reflect it.

I’m soooo looking forward to writing something original, though. You can only go over the same ground so often. And I want to use what I’ve learned in a story I’ll be building CORRECTLY from the ground up. These are the last rewrites I ever want to do.

Chris Fox’s Writing to Market, and Launching to Market plus Libbie Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants  (Here’s a tip: Don’t Google Take off your Pants when you’re unsure of the author’s name, especially at work) are helping me out enormously. They’re both pretty firm on saving your author name/brand from being polluted by all kinds of different genres. I write EVERYTHING, from romance to kids’ stories to paranormal fantasy and I hope to add sci-fi to the mix soon, so a big part of this rewrite is to divide all my genres under different pen names. I’m about to splinter into four different people. Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m a schizophrenic and so am I.

But it needs to be done! Still, I ain’t about to create a separate web presence for each name. No need for secrets here, several different pages on one website will do perfectly. Ugh, don’t even get me started on the fun of overhauling my website, too.

Back to work.

Yeah, I’m blind as a bat.

Working on eight things at once, including a new cover for my Super Witch book. I realized it didn’t fit in the superhero genre (a witch with a towel for a cape is FANTASY, duh.) I finished it and I love the pic and the simple design but, damn it, somewhere between my eyes and the World Wide Web the damn thing lost its color AND I NEVER NOTICED. I’m happily uploading it everywhere and even re-sizing it and it’s black & white and dull, dull, dull. As I squint, it looks like a color-focus filter was plopped on and not taken off.

I have some free time at work today so I’m going to take another whack at it. What a maroon. What a nim-cow-poop.