My avatar (the cool knife-juggling Victorian lady) has a completely sheer shirt and I never noticed. Holy nip-slip, Bat Man!

I fixed it with a discreet smudge. But where’s the fun in that? Here’s the original…how the hell did I not see it?



I’ve gone fetal with fatal efficiency. #amrevising

If I don’t cut out all that alliteration I’m going to be burned at the stake. Sorry! And sorry, again, for being MIA but this is the book overhaul that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends… the kind soul who pointed out my problems (named, appropriately enough, Sherry Soule of SwoonWorthy book covers) is helping me see the light on proper ebook presentation. My titles, covers, blurbs, were all wrong for my genre and I spent the bulk of the weekend correcting them.  My urban fantasies are now named Souls by the Sea, Souls in the Flame, and Souls of the Storm. All my blurbs plus the front/back matter of every book I’ve written had to reflect that and be uploaded again. Whew.

I didn’t correct the covers, though. I finally must admit I just don’t have the skills. But Sherry has generously gifted me premades AND custom covers and she now has a friend/customer/stalker for LIFE. Look at this…


Damn, that’s so much better. Well, we live and learn.

My latest ebook cover travesties.

Well, I like them! But a pro designer did gently e-pull me to the e-side and e-whispered an offer for some free advice. I agreed, gladly, so now I’m waiting. Probably the backgrounds are a bit, uh, busy. We’ll see. I also overhauled all my other covers…

…and I love B’s and Super Witch’s. Amazon, however, rejected SW because I didn’t have the name of the book on the cover. I don’t?! Well, gee, I guess it IS a bit subtle. I just re-uploaded again so let’s keep our fingers crossed. The Kids’ Table cover makes me want to vomit but it’ll do for now. I’ll soon be swapping it out when I get my latest holiday romance completed. I want to brand them together as the first two of the Swanhaven series/trilogy. Hopefully I’ll finish quickly. Off to hunt down some leftover candy…

Groan, I can’t do nothin’ right. Especially book covers. #dingdong

Spent the weekend on yet another set of Souls by the Sea ebook covers and they’re also only marginally better than falling into donkey shit. Siiiigh. I took my angst to KBoards and they agreed with me (sniffle) and offered some good advice. I got hung up on trying to get my covers to reflect the individual PLOTS of the books. No, no, young Grasshopper. They must reflect the GENRE. And they must match, either in their colors or their artwork, to reflect my series BRAND. Screw the plots.

Most people suss that out within their first year but my excuse, and it’s the truth, is I was too busy writing to pay proper attention to my presentation. I thought as long as the image was interesting and you could read the title then that was fine. Some bestsellers are nothing but text on solid colors. Now I’m edging into sour grapes territory so good night, all!



New covers! Yet again.

I’ll never be satisfied but I think these are pretty close to perfect. They’re genre-specific, and colorful. Super Witch and the first Souls by the Sea pretty much tell you what they’re all about, too. Magic! Mayhem! Fresh fruit! (The 2nd two Souls books look like thrillers. Will that be a problem? I hope not.) Anyway, I’m pleased and I’m RELIEVED that all my ducks are in a row at last and I can start promoting in earnest. When I get back from vacation (TTFN!) I’ll start work on a Christmas romance novella that’s been burning a hole in my brain for years. Should be fun! Hopefully it’ll be finished before December 25th but let’s not go crazy. These lovely books, btw, are available on all venues (Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kobo, what have you…)  here on my website.

Yikes! All my library holds are coming to me at once. #avalanche of #books

So I have Precious and Grace by that Scottish dude whose name I always get wrong, Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates by Brian Kilmeade, and Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. That oughta keep me out of trouble for a while.

And I need the escape. The formatting on my own books are giving me nightmares, literally. I dreamed an actual black demon HORSE was trying to gallop out of my netbook screen. It was the size of a cat and I had to shove it back with my fingertips. Weirdo. But yeah. This current overhaul is not being put to bed willingly. I have a dozen little tweaks I want to make for the smoothest reading experience possible and I still hate my covers with a passion. What’s more I’m about to cancel my wifi at home. I could do the .doc uploads at work, a cafe, or my precious library and save myself money for promotions. Baby steps! Baby steps…I can do this.

And one more day of miserable 90 degree heat and mugginess before the cold front reaches NC. Come ON, fall! I need the change of seasons.


How do you solve a problem like Mariaaa? (Tell her to piss off.) #hurricane

It might hit North Carolina.  I won’t panic but I’m glad I can make at least four good meals out of the cat. I’m done with wabbit hurricane season but I’m LOVING that fall is here at last. The next couple of days might hit 90 degrees but I don’t caaaare! Friday is the Autumn Equinox. Time to break out my fall decor.

And time to work on those writing projects I’ve let slide since the completion of Super Witch. The Big Overhaul of all my platforms is finished, finally, and I’m almost rested from the fiddly effort. I also managed to complete a box set of all my kids’ books (Smug Slug, Super Witch, B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas, and Souls by the Sea (which is stretching kidfic a little, being that the series is rated PG13, but it should work with the proper warnings and a little bit of editing.) HERE’S A WRITING TIP: When formatting your individual ebooks, be sure to label your bookmarks with the name of the book. So instead of chapter_one, chapter_two etc…you bookmark them SoulsChap_1 and SoulsChap_2 etc…

Because using cut and paste to compile a box set in a fresh Word/Open Office doc (with several different multi-chaptered books with THE SAME bookmarks) creates a deadly wormhole that will suck you in and drain you dry. I’m sure there’s software that will use sparkle magic to create a perfect box set but I guarantee I can’t afford it. Anyway, all I lack for Jessie G. Talbot’s AWESOME box set is a cover and I’ll finish that up today. It should be good to go by this weekend. Woo hoo! A Halloween box set just in time for Halloween!