Monday shmonday. #amwriting #summer

I took the entire weekend off and it was wonderful. The weather was hot, muggy, and stank of fresh asphalt so I stayed inside. I read Jane Austen and Dorothy Sayers in front of the AC with a glass of lovely iced tea beside me and I could actually feel my brain recovering from the extra work and stress of last week. (I had to cover for the office mgr while she was on vacation, plus I had some formatting/promo issues pop up. The technical side of Indie publishing is going to send me to the Happy Home, I sweartagod.) Back to normal hours at the ‘ol day job now, hallelujah, and I’m going to reverse all my healthy progress and dive right back into finishing up the new novella before June. And then I want two more novellas finished before August. And then I want to get a pony. AND THEN I WANT TO CONQUER THE CAROLINAS AND PROCLAIM MYSELF EMPRESS!

Shit, shit, shit, I forgot to refill my pillbox with ibuprofen and my tits are killing me. (TMI) I also forgot to put the chicken in the crockpot before I left home. I’ve gone senile. I need to take it easy more often.


Souls by the Sea is top ranked on Amazon. #joy #writing

I’m still a complete screw-up, though. I updated the back-matter for Souls in April and didn’t notice some of the Weebly links weren’t working until now. (?!) So there’s a novice tip for you, just because the main page of your website shows up doesn’t mean the detail-pages will. Check everything, moron. But look!

This do pleases me.



Uh oh. #writersblock

I’m stuck. I thought I was unstuck but exactly one paragraph later I got bogged down again. I’m having a hard time keeping Super Witch simple and fun. I’m constantly shaking out most of the series’ tragically tragic backstory that I keep trying to jam in. D’oh!

Also, at the ‘ol day job, I’m covering for the office manager who’s out on vacation all week. I’ll be crawling home around 6:30 or 7:pm every night. I can’t complain too hard, I remember well the fifteen hour days on my feet that I used to pull in, but it’s still a drag.

So, my writing is going to suffer even more but maybe I need to take a week off anyway. Mother’s Day was gorgeous and I sat on my balcony all day and read Pride and Prejudice.’ It was rejuvenating. I really have to work harder at a better work/life balance or I’m going to burn out. I also need to go for quality entertainment when I relax. Alaska State Troopers is fascinating, good research for one of my characters, and I enjoy seeing places I’ve been but it’s still just COPS in Alaska. Also, I really hate it when they have to kill a moose. 😦




Super Witch is coming along! #amwriting something for the kids.

I love that aha! moment when a sticky point in the plot is resolved. It’s still hard going, though. I’m walking a fine line between too much and just enough info for this Souls by the Sea Light stand-alone story. “Write well and you will soon write fast,” said a wise Roman. Boy, was he on crack, you wouldn’t believe the typos. BUT I will have the rough draft, the worst, hardest part for me, finished soon. I’m keeping the title as Super Witch. It’s been used but no one is going to confuse my story with a thrash metal band, or an old cartoon, or a ditch digging machine. (Google is mah friend.)

Now I need to find a cover image for it and that’s not easy either. A kid witch who’d rather be a superhero? Good luck finding something to convey that.




I #amwriting again. Break time’s over.

I’m doing an odd, probably unwise, thing. I’m taking the next small chapter of my urban fantasy series and turning it into a kids’ book. Lydia McLauren is a witch but she wishes she wasn’t. She’s terrible at it, her teacher is mean, and her big sister can’t stand witches. She decides she’s going to be a super hero instead! Working title is Super Witch

It’s very short so I’m almost done. It’s fun!charles-addams-poe

#rain and lots of it.

Well, Raleigh made the news. Again. That shot of the U-Haul trailers submerged under brown, rushing water? That was my street. Luckily I’m on an upper floor of my bldg but my drains backed up with stinking water anyway. Nothing was damaged, hallelujah, and my maintenance man and two tired but jolly plumbers came by as quickly as they could and fixed it. Talk about a wall of butt-crack, it was like being mooned by a firing squad. I also missed two days of work because the buses shut down but even the people that drive didn’t want to risk the roads. Except for the idiots that tried to run the barriers and got their SUVs stalled in four feet of rushing water. They looked so surprised. Morons.  I can’t wait to be self-employed so I don’t have to fret about the weather.

Anyway, I enjoyed the break! Half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday was just beautiful and I lounged and read and watched TV as the waters receded. It was a pleasant break, even though it all smelled bad.