Learn from my writing mistakes, people. #amwriting #writerslife

What happened to April?! I had such plans for April, I even signed up for CampNaNoWriMo, but noooo.  The rewrites tired me out but realizing that the mistakes I made went deeper than the presentation of my books (covers, blurbs, rewrites, etc) debilitated me enough to take the entire month off. I finally realized I didn’t write to market. 

Writing to market doesn’t mean jumping on the latest fad (fashion comes and goes but style is forever) it means don’t cross the streams. As a reader of, let’s say, romance you wouldn’t like it if you bought a romance only to discover a psycho-horror subplot. That puts a romance reader off.  And people who LOVE psycho-horror are going to be put off by the romance. My problems aren’t that extreme but I’ve created one hell of a genre salad with all of my books, particularly the Souls by the Sea series. They’re still great stories and I stand by their entertainment value as humorous paranormal fantasy cozy mystery action/adventures in a small town (that aren’t Urban Fantasy and my heroine has no powers at all) but I will not be marketing them. It would be throwing money away as there’s no audience looking for all that.

I won’t erase them either, they’re FUN, and I learned so much with them. But today I start fresh.



Oog, so many fiddly things I still have to slog through… #aintwriting #writerslife

I changed B’s cover for the eight millionth time. I’m closer to perfection…

B 300cvr…or this is where I’m satisfied to let it sit for awhile. (Link on Amazon.) I’m especially proud of the little light-behind-the-clouds sunburst effect which was a happy accident.

As you can see I’m still in clean-up mode after my massive overhaul of every word I’ve ever written. That’ll make you tired. So I took a break on Sunday and was bored out of my gourd and restless. I’ve signed up for Camp Nanowrimo, starting in April, so should I wait to start on April 1st (April Fools and Easter!) or go ahead and dive in now? I never win so it isn’t cheating, how DARE you suggest such a thing!

I think I’ll start now. I have a week’s vacation coming up mid-April and that’ll be my welcome relief from the writing world. Off to start work on (GASP!) something new.


I see a light…a light! #amwriting #amrewriting #amrerererewriting

I’m almost through with the rewrites! All that’s left is ‘B, or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas’  and, since it’s relatively short, I should be finished with it before my self-imposed deadline on March 1st. It should be, I doubt it will be. This one needs much more than the face-lift I gave the others. It was my first book so the amount of WRONG is boggling my mind. But it’s a Christmas book so I have time.

I’m also slogging my way through Create Space. I took down everything and flounced off when CS wouldn’t allow me to change the titles of my paperbacks. I went creeping back when I saw that Amazon’s paper program didn’t have a wide distribution. Bugger! But I carry on. I’m so looking forward to being done and, this time, being done WELL!




My rewrite is a painful, debilitating…TURD! #amwriting over and over and over. (Blog Post)

I’ve finally finished ‘An Autumn Beginning’ and it’s beautiful. Then a new critique of ‘Souls by the Sea’ came in and it’s spot on. I have more work to do. Fortunately just an explanatory line here and there but, oh, what a world, what a world.

Well, nevertheless, the end is nigh. Come March I’ll be finished with all of it and I’ll be able to concentrate on serious marketing and writing something NEW at last. Probably a silly Christmas romance, of all things, but it’ll be NEW!!!!1!!

Amazon is totally blameless but I’m gonna blame them anyway.

Apparently this is chores week. I’m so wrapped up in household/winter fiddly-ness that I’ve let my writing objectives slide. This weekend, however, will see the end of the rewrite (and it’s truly a rebuild from the ground up, yikes) of An Autumn Beginning, my one romance short. Why I wrote a Thanksgiving story after all the research I put into Christmas romances is totally beyond me. That’s another thing that needs to change. Yep, something else I got wrong.

And it’s all Amazon’s fault! Why? Why not. I’m not taking responsibility for my own goofiness.



I found the elusive ‘change my avatar’ button on this WordPress theme. I no longer have vintage nip-slip on my site. How embarrassing.

In other news I’ve finished the tweaks to the Souls by the Sea Series and Super Witch (of the same universe) and I’m soooo relieved and glad. All I have left is my romance, An Autumn Beginning, and my first book B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas. Both of which, sadly, need much more than a simple facelift. They’re getting nuked from orbit and rewritten entirely. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. What a year for learning! And I’ve been so busy lately I’ve made my neck and shoulder sore. These last two will be finished soon.

I’m looking forward to the steady-drip promos and then, miracle of miracles, I’ll start something new. My brain is buzzing with ideas. WOO HOO!