Fall already? In August?! In North Carolina?!?!?! I might just die of joy.

The weather peeps are claiming that the heat and humidity will be mostly GONE throughout August. The heat’s broken and we’re having September weather now. I love it. I can relax on my balcony again, I can go for walks again, and I can BREATHE again.

I can even cook again now that the heat of the oven no longer overwhelms my apartment. Over the weekend I made a rich chicken stock, spaghetti, lemon-pepper tilapia with mashed red potatoes, garlic bread, and peanut butter cookies. (Don’t be too impressed with my culinary skills, the milk I used for the potatoes curdled and I didn’t notice until it was too late. PTOOIE. But the rest was delicious.)

We’re skipping August, ya’ll! I can’t handle it.




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