If I did it right the first time I wouldn’t have to do it aga…shut up. #amwriting

Okay, I’m overhauling my print books on Create Space. I don’t sell well over there so I neglect that side of things. (Duh, maybe that’s why?) They’ve become time capsules crammed with all my original typos. But Saturday will see CS and the ebooks completely overhauled and beautiful. I’m going to have to start giving out free copies to ARC blogs/readers to see if I can get a little more attention. That’ll be next week’s maintenance project.

THEN I’ll finish Super Witch! That poor little book is so cute and so neglected but I have a thing where I have to make sure my entire backlog is perfect before I release a new book. I have bright hopes for this one. Superheroes are BIG right now.

Wonder Woman


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