OK, the new covers for my Souls series… https://tinyurl.com/ycl7d5ra #amwriting

OW, MY EYES! MY EYES! But I think I’m on the right track at last. I see several tweaks that I want to make and I’ll jump on them as soon as my internet data tops up again in August. The 1st is fine as is,  the 2nd needs more firey bling and the 3rd needs to have the title much larger. Plus, yes, more cowbell for both. Visual elements are courtesy of Freepik.com and Vecteezy and I’ll give them proper credit in the books themselves when I re-upload. Whew, that was a fun chore to do while I huddled under the AC all weekend long, away from the 115 degree heat index! I think I accomplished what I set out to do, namely have my covers reflect the mood and the content of the stories. Now, I’m all smug.

(Images REMOVED because…damn!)


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