AIGH I HATE ALL MY STUPID COVERS!!1! #amwriting #amscreaming #amdepressed

I’ve come to a painful realization. I’ve mis-categorized my Souls by the Sea series. I figured, hey, a teen heroine in an urban fantasy setting means Young Adult Urban Fantasy, right? Wrong. Souls by the Sea is a town, a town with a cast list of several crazy characters with a focus on community and family. The tone is light, rated PG13, and there’s humor. Worst of all my heroine has no powers and no great destiny. She has to solve mysteries and win the day with her brain.

And that, my friends, is the genre known as Paranormal Cozy. A COZY?!?!?! Well, slap my ass and call me Agatha Christie. Cozy mysteries require a different type of cover – namely an artistic, almost cartoonish, scene of a place or an event. Time to get rid of my glowing drama-girls. And time to get my covers to reflect a bit of what the story is about.

My budget is nonexistent so I have to do it all myself. Which will lead to even more hilarity. Still, I’m glad the lightbulb came on, at last.

the more you know


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