YES, finally finished Super Witch’s rough draft. Again. #amwriting #RockOn

Now it’s a work of fart, by god. I’ve put it aside to let it simmer while I concentrate on something else this week (stripping the awkwardness out of my first kids’ book, B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas) Then I’ll finish SW completely and offer those two plus Smug Slug in a box set. I’ll be finished with it all by August.

If I ain’t DEAD. I had a heart palpitation today (probably brought on by the miserable heat, work-stress, and my hormones) but I’m flipping out anyway. I’m off to the clinic soon to get as many tests done for free as I can, while I still have insurance. Heart disease is in the family but I’m not diabetic, I don’t smoke, I eat well (a little too well, Galaxina) and I don’t drink. Damn, I don’t have any fun at all. Well, I don’t want to keel over before I have a chance to have some so off I go.



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