Busy, busy, busy. #amwriting a little bit but mostly I #amcleaning

The upkeep of my writing platform is going to kill me. I decided that my website, covers, and the actual stories needed a little dusting before a couple of good promos take off today. I’m sitting here with a eyestrain and a headache BUT I’m very pleased with the results. See, if I got it right the first time I wouldn’t have to do this but I’m learning as I go on a budget of zero… so screw it. Imagine Daffy Duck shouting “YOIKES AND AWAYYY!” and there’s your visual reference for how I’m approaching my writing career. If you’re curious my website is here: http://jessiegtalbot.weebly.com/ and if it looks funky to you, believe me, it looks better than it did. I used to think a colorful background would clash with my colorful covers so it was a wasteland of grey. Bleah. And, yes, I’ve noticed that there’s odd Bold print in my contact info. I don’t know why the hell not but it just won’t go non-bold for me. *hand wave* Pretend you don’t see it. I’ll nuke it later.

I came home yesterday to men on the ceiling and a terrified cat in the closet. My new bedroom skylight is here! It’s beautiful! So clean, so clear, so not cracked in a hundred places. Just in time for the violent evening thunderstorms that hit NC in the summer. I was really afraid I was going to wake up to a waterfall. But now I’m going to dig out some prisms and hang then up. They’ll be lovely, since the sun can actually get to them.

Meanwhile, one of my poor coworkers had a blockage reamed in one of his arteries so the doctors took him off his all-salt and all-sugar diet. He’s been passing out all the bad snacks he had stored and I just got a big bag of sunflower seeds. MMMMM! I reckon one bag won’t do too much damage.

happy retro writer


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