I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion… #amwriting

Super Witch is rolling along. I plotted out the last third and writing it shouldn’t take long. Which I’ve been saying for a month and a half now. In case you haven’t noticed I am NOT the Speedy Gonzales of writers. But I get there eventually.

People are a little doubtful of my dropping a kids’ book in the middle of my Souls series for teens but I intend to make it a stand-alone and include it in a box set. I’ll also give everyone plenty of warning. It’s Souls by the Sea #3 and a half! Now I have to fret about pricing…

North Caroline is having its first major heat. I’m utterly miserable so I bought a short lounger to wear around the house. It’s black with a white swirl pattern. I look like my grandma! Or Mrs. Roper. Well, when I start wearing bedroom slippers and a terry cloth wrap I’ll start to worry but for now I’m cool at last. Whew!


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