Uh oh. #writersblock

I’m stuck. I thought I was unstuck but exactly one paragraph later I got bogged down again. I’m having a hard time keeping Super Witch simple and fun. I’m constantly shaking out most of the series’ tragically tragic backstory that I keep trying to jam in. D’oh!

Also, at the ‘ol day job, I’m covering for the office manager who’s out on vacation all week. I’ll be crawling home around 6:30 or 7:pm every night. I can’t complain too hard, I remember well the fifteen hour days on my feet that I used to pull in, but it’s still a drag.

So, my writing is going to suffer even more but maybe I need to take a week off anyway. Mother’s Day was gorgeous and I sat on my balcony all day and read Pride and Prejudice.’ It was rejuvenating. I really have to work harder at a better work/life balance or I’m going to burn out. I also need to go for quality entertainment when I relax. Alaska State Troopers is fascinating, good research for one of my characters, and I enjoy seeing places I’ve been but it’s still just COPS in Alaska. Also, I really hate it when they have to kill a moose. 😦





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