Super Witch is coming along! #amwriting something for the kids.

I love that aha! moment when a sticky point in the plot is resolved. It’s still hard going, though. I’m walking a fine line between too much and just enough info for this Souls by the Sea Light stand-alone story. “Write well and you will soon write fast,” said a wise Roman. Boy, was he on crack, you wouldn’t believe the typos. BUT I will have the rough draft, the worst, hardest part for me, finished soon. I’m keeping the title as Super Witch. It’s been used but no one is going to confuse my story with a thrash metal band, or an old cartoon, or a ditch digging machine. (Google is mah friend.)

Now I need to find a cover image for it and that’s not easy either. A kid witch who’d rather be a superhero? Good luck finding something to convey that.





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