#rain and lots of it.

Well, Raleigh made the news. Again. That shot of the U-Haul trailers submerged under brown, rushing water? That was my street. Luckily I’m on an upper floor of my bldg but my drains backed up with stinking water anyway. Nothing was damaged, hallelujah, and my maintenance man and two tired but jolly plumbers came by as quickly as they could and fixed it. Talk about a wall of butt-crack, it was like being mooned by a firing squad. I also missed two days of work because the buses shut down but even the people that drive didn’t want to risk the roads. Except for the idiots that tried to run the barriers and got their SUVs stalled in four feet of rushing water. They looked so surprised. Morons.  I can’t wait to be self-employed so I don’t have to fret about the weather.

Anyway, I enjoyed the break! Half of Tuesday and all of Wednesday was just beautiful and I lounged and read and watched TV as the waters receded. It was a pleasant break, even though it all smelled bad.



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