Sales? I have sales? CLAMS GOT LEGS! OMG! #amwriting

Don’t tell me people actually ARE waiting for the 3rd-in-series before they start buying? I haven’t done one promo and suddenly the red line on my sales chart is beginning to move. Wunnerful! Or was it my sister? Hmmm…I’m happy anyway!

On Friday I outlined a new kids’ novella (took me three tries, dang) but I didn’t write a single word over the holiday. Good! I have to save my neck somehow. The story is going to be short, a kid’s take on my Souls by the Sea series, but it’s not the priority this summer. I have two XMas romance novellas that are. Three is obviously the magic number and I want a trio of every genre I love. Paranormal fantasy (check!) holiday romances (one) and childrens’ books (two).  Next year I’ll probably dive into sci-fi.

Souls will continue to be my full-length and ongoing series, though. I love paranormal fantasy. (Without the magical serial killers, though, thanks.) And away I go…




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