Too much going on! #amwriting (Barely.)

I’m finishing up the new landing site and, dear GAWD, doing the links for 5 books across 9 platforms was fiddly and annoying. Just The Glorious Fourth left to do and I posted its rough draft to D2D and Amazon so I could get the links ready for mid-April. Now I have a fear that someone will buy that version and leave me a crappy review even though the description plainly says ROUGH DRAFT BEWARE RABID ALLIGATORS TURN BACK! Oh, well. Any review is a good review, really, but I pity the fool that reads that unfinished glob.

Meanwhile it’s slopping down rain outside. Moore Square (now known at the Go Raleigh Transit Hub but no one cares) is still under construction. Every cold, metal seat was wet and we were all huddled under signs and panels and got splattered. The mail-lady just had a tantrum because her umbrella closed on her. She threw it down and kicked it. The UPS man was just as happy. None of us want to be reminded that, hey, it’s good for the flowers!



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