March Newsletter #amwriting #WafflingOn

Hello, Gang!

Whoa, I’m a little late with the newsletter this month owing to connectivity issues and just plain forgetfulness. Sorry! See, even the cat looks contrite.

Meanwhile, it’s Spring! And a young writer’s fancy turns to allergy meds and hoping her new flowers don’t get killed by late season freezes. It also turns to the latest Souls by the Sea project, The Glorious Fourth.It’s coming along gloriously. The rough draft will be finished this weekend followed by massive fleshing out followed by deep cuts of everything I thought was a good idea at the time. The finished product will be released mid to late April depending on how quickly my editors get back to me.

The Fourth will be followed by two new Holiday Romance shorts (the Swanhaven series) and then we’re back to business with another visit to Souls during Halloween. A lot has changed for Burlie in the course of one year. What new disaster is heading in our heroine’s way? We’ll see.

As ever, thank you for coming along with me on this ride! Next month will see a switch in my Newsletter service from Mad Mimi to TinyLetter but the transition shouldn’t affect ya’ll at all. I’ll also be providing a sample chapter of the new book. ‘Til then!

Jessie G. Talbotpolly2


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