This is the cold that never ends. It just goes on and on, my friends…achoo! #sick

I like to whine. I’m actually doing better with my head cold and the bronchitis but I can’t wait to get rid of both. I’ve been sleeping poorly lately, too, but that was a result of my staring at a computer screen until 11:00pm for the past two weeks. I’ve dedicated all of January to cleaning up and perfecting every original word I’ve written. The two Souls by the Sea books and The Kids’ Table are good to go on Kindle and this weekend will see them all shiny on Create Space, D2D, and Smashwords, too.

I’m sick of the sound of my own writing voice so I need to recharge batteries with some Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers (why I’m not writing murder mysteries is beyond me but I just don’t wanna) before I pick up the 3rd Souls book where I left off. Then there’s Bogeyman. ACX is supposed to send me 25 Audible vouchers so I can get some reviews. But when? Someday! ACX moves at the speed of stop. But I’ll soon have The Kids’ Table available there, too, as soon as I figure out how to do my own reading.



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