I survived the Blizzard of ‘Ought 17

My electricity didn’t fail but I was saving my Duraflame logs just in case it did. Three days at home in freezing temps and I didn’t use my fireplace once. I’m sure that’s illegal somehow. Tell no one. Then, naturally, I was hit with a two-ton sinus cold and I had to suit up and walk a block to the grocery store. I wish I’d taken a camera to get a picture of the ice rink that was the parking lot. (Raleigh only has salt enough for the main roads. What my boss calls the ‘2nd Dairy’ roads and sidewalks and parking lots just have to wait for the sun.) I managed to scoot across and back again with my life. Sign #456 that I’m getting old, “PLEASE GOD DON’T LET ME FALL!”

Anyway, I stayed home on Monday and was glad. I needed the rest. I made it to work today, turned on my space heater, and the temp in my foyer has gone up to 56°. Mother pus bucket, that ain’t doing my cold any good. But I battle on!



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