AAIIIEEEEEE! #freezing #cold !!


Just over 30 degrees F outside so it’s only 60d in my vestibule here at work. And it’s a wet, invasive Southern cold, too. I got into an argument with one of my bus buddies over the humidity. I shouldn’t have started shit with an autistic kid with a fascination with the weather because he started throwing dew point averages at me until I threatened to strangle him if he didn’t stop. “I don’t care if it’s dryer than normal. It’s still wet! And cold! Stop arguing!”
He stopped for five seconds and then he started in again and that’s when the death threats started to fly. Usually I can tolerate his bulldog tendencies but not when I’m freezing to death as I wait for the bus. He thought it was hilarious. (And when I say ‘kid’ I mean a 22 year old ‘man.’ We got into an argument about that, too, last summer.) Meanwhile, it’s COLD but this weekend is going to get up into the 70s on Sunday. Then back down to 25d on Monday. The hell? Stay consistent!

Pressure to finish my book this weekend is high but I also want to enjoy my holiday. I mentioned that before because I’m DWELLING on it, naturally.


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