My ‘simple’ XMas story is getting long! No wonder I (still) #amwriting


Geez. My sweet, simple, Christmas romance is growing like the all-encompassing Blob from Outer Space. Apparently I had a lot to say about family craziness surrounding the Kids’ Table.  My childhood was easy in that regard, we ate out on the porch and had a great time, (I grew up in SE Georgia so I didn’t exactly freeze) but some families are really odd and strict about it. Some people had to eat at the KT until they had kids of their own! My mother had to fight for her right to eat with the adults when she turned 16 and that story is what inspired this one. (Hey, Maw!)

Anyway I did 5k words this weekend which brings the full count up to 20k. It’s an official novella and I’m so proud. I have just a few ending scenes and those will be done tonight. Maybe. My neck is sore. THIS IS THE DANGER ZONE when I’m so close to finishing that I ignore my body telling me to take a break. Then something goes twang and I’m in pain for the next two months. Dorfus.

Anyway, back to the ‘ol day job. Are you living your life right or wrong when your work is giving you a break from work?



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