Ooooh, mah belleh! Also? #amwriting #thanksgiving

Burrrp! Pardon. Just had the office Thanksgiving lunch and it was delicious. I have a go-plate of desserts, too, and I’ll be drinking the gallons of sweet iced tea for as long as they last. (Until tomorrow. Fresh-brewed tea doesn’t age well.) Mmmm, the diabeetus…

In other (semi-related) news, I’m chugging along on ‘The Kids’ Table’ but it doesn’t look like I’ll finish it before TGiving. No prob. I’ll throw in a tree-decorating scene so I can call it a Christmas story, too. It’ll still be timely! I’m also dropping characters and switching POVs and adding scenes. This poor rough draft is a mess but I’ll have the characters and action aligned tonight. I’ll be able to fire them off where I want them to go and the writing will be faster. I’ve also decided to have my holiday stories set in the same universe as my paranormal urban fantasies but I won’t be crossing the streams quite yet. I need traction before I can deliver crossover treats.

It’s huge fun but it’s work! TTFN.workworkwork


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