I voted early. And if I’d had the option I would’ve voted often. #vote #Raleigh

See that line? It was just as long behind me. I got to my early voting place at 9:20am thinking I’ll be in and out like a shot but nnnoooo. Three hours I stood there! And I’m still a little weak from my bronchitis so I was a wuss about it but, at least, we were surrounded by lovely parkland. And it was a beautiful, chilly fall morning and it did my heart good to see the folks handing out Republican sample ballots being politely turned down by everyone. They were reduced to standing around, talking to each other. Or maybe they weren’t feeling very committed. I think the Dems felt sorry for them. “Hey, that guy in the blue Suburban wants one of yours!”
“Ooh, thank you!” And away he ran.
Which was actually kind of a sweet moment. See? Cross-party friendliness and civility is entirely possible.

Anyway, I got my vote in which was a huge relief. I even dreamed about it. I dreamed the castaways from Gilligan’s Island were putting their ballots in coconuts and lobbing them into the sea. Anything to feel like they were still part of the world. Which made me wake up depressed.

Go vote. Don’t make Gilligan sad.


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