Death by Pumpkin. #sick #amwriting

This no-cough bronchitis is an experience I could’ve done without but I’m finally regaining some energy. As long as I don’t do anything strenuous (like carrying a medium-sized pumpkin half a block – GAAAASP!) I’m fine. I didn’t use my despised inhaler once all weekend. It makes me feel like Eddie from IT. “Battery acid, fucknuts!” That being said, King is not on my seasonal reading list, not even ‘The Shining,’ my favorite. Other than loving his snarky tweets about the election. I’m just in the mood for goofy Abbot and Costello level horror this year, I guess.

So I sat on my butt and wrote all weekend. Mostly repair work on what I’ve already written but I did advance the plot by 2,000 words so I’m happy. Oh, PLEASE, let me get it done before December!


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