October 2016 Newsletter #amwriting


Nnnnngh! October already? Things are moving along quickly. The third book in my Souls by the Sea series,The Glorious Fourth, (no, that ain’t confusing at all) is half finished and I have great hopes that it’ll be done entirely sometime this millennium. Specifically in November. My muscle aches and pains have diminished and AUTUMN IS HERE so my summertime cabin fever won’t be making me crazy. That’s two major barriers out of the way. What a relief.

Speaking of the Summer, what’s the 4th about? Oh, y’know, a terrible force out to destroy the world and if he kills our heroine, Burlie, on the way then that’s a bonus. This thing bears a grudge. Worse, if she defeats the threat then the world will be destroyed anyway. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What are the options for a completely powerless girl? We’ll soon find out.

As for myself I’m off on a small vacation. I’ll be sending out an extra newsletter mid-month to help along a promo so I apologize in advance for the SPAM. Off I go.

Jessie G. Talbot

PS: Yo Mama is so stupid, she saw a sign that said Airport Left so she turned around and went home.


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