9/1/2016 Newsletter

Harrumph, I’ve been with Mad Mimi for months and now it’s giving me grief about my newsletters. Saying someone is going to contact me with a couple of questions. Ooookay, do that thing. Here’s a copy of what I typically send out (I’ll be posting them here, too, from now on) and I don’t see a problem. Weird.

Just so you know, I send them out on or around the first of each month with a basic writing update, great deals on my new releases, and Yo Mama jokes. Sign up!

We thought ‘TD9’ was going to skirt the coast but the second Hermine was named it veered inland and now Raleigh’s screwed. 4 to 8 inches of rain and heavy winds. Bleah. Prepare the submarines, it’s gonna flood. Well, I’m on the third floor of my apt building and I have plenty of supplies in case the electricity goes out so I’m good. Yay, just in time for Labor Day weekend.

BUT I’m carrying on with my work. I took a break through August and that helped my back and shoulders. I still have a way to go, though, so I’m putting off completing the third in my ‘Souls’ series. Looks like it’ll be out late Autumn instead of early Autumn. I have it outlined (easy to do longhand and hardly hurts at all) so the actual writing shouldn’t take too long. I hope. I’m also preparing ‘B’ for the audio book and that’s huge fun. Hopefully that’ll be done before Christmas.

So much to do and no time. Urgh.

PS: Yo Mama so ugly her portraits hang themselves!


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