#amwriting but I really shouldn’t be.

At least I’m not hunched over a keyboard. I DID, however, get the third book in my series (The Glorious Fourth) outlined longhand and it didn’t wreck me hardly at all. I’m feeling much better but I’m STILL taking the rest of August off. Probably another full week, really. At this pace I’ll have the ‘4th’ done by, oh, November. And it’s going to be short, only nine chapters so far. I have a list of subplots, though, the end result won’t be too pathetically skinny.

And because speed kills,  I’m pursuing a better work/life balance by taking up all the other things I enjoy but have let slide over the past year. I found Raleigh’s new Hobby Lobby and it’s impressive. I was good, though, and just brought home 3 wooden boxes for a dollar apiece. I’ve painted them purple, orange, black, and green and I’ll add the batty details soon. Halloween crafts! I love ’em. It’s not fall yet but the trees are looking tired. Of course that’s probably the heat. The hottest damn weekend this year and not a drop of rain in sight. Sick of it.

I feel like a cat at a mouse hole as I wait for the air to cool and the leaves to turn. Is it time yet? Now? How ’bout now? Now?

Autumn now?




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