Hi, I’m Larry. This is my brother, Daryl. And my other brother, Daryl.

20 fewer degrees and 20% less humidity. I love, love it, love it to pieces. Next weekend it’ll creep back up into the 90s but until then I’m going to flail around in the cool, dry air and enjoy myself.

Not a summer person, can you tell? Meanwhile, I’m still on break through August, no writing, but I took a couple of hours to upload/update everything on Smashwords and Create Space. I ran out of internet before I was finished but, eh, I’ll get it done this weekend. (One of these days I’ll spring for extra data. Today is not that day.) My neck got sore, too, so I did some extra sulking. Kind of a disappointing weekend all around, really. Except for that Newhart marathon on Saturday.

But did I mention the heat’s broken? YES! Nothing can stop me now.




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