Artistic Aaaaangst!

Neck and shoulders are doing great, my side is taking its sweet time but the pain has lessened a bit, and I bought some Valerian root to keep me from weeping and chewing the walls. I got some unasked for advice today, “Write more and you’ll attract more readers!” and I wanted to shoot myself. Baby steps to health…baby steps to writing progress…baby steps to a career…etc.

The heat ain’t helping! We’ve had a record setting streak of almost 50 days of 90 degree and above temps. All of North Carolina is crying uncle and the cicadas are LOUD. They’re making it hotter, I swear.



One thought on “Artistic Aaaaangst!

  1. So glad you’re neck and shoulders are doing good. I’m trying to send your ticket, but Becky will have to send it because I don’t know how. Love you


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