Owie Owie Owie

Pro Tip: I really can’t stress enough how important proper posture is while writing. My back is screaming at me. First my side, then my neck and shoulders, and now my back. Fool that I am I keep on working and then resetting my 7 days of rest. Now I’m going to have to take all of August off. I can’t even tap my Simpson’s game and I’m addicted to that puppy. (Just got the IRS Bldg, yay! Should I get another bike for 30 donuts? Hmmm…*crick* OW! MY NECK!)

Well, let’s hear it for ibuprofen. I’m also trying to be zen and, accordingly, I created a little succulent garden in a lovely red soup bowl. Yeah, the discount bin at Lowe’s got me again. 3 beautiful little plants for only a dollar apiece. Plus the recent miserable heat had blasted my flowers so I bought a six-pack of variegated petunias to fill out the hanging planters on my balcony. Another dollar! And all any of them needed was water.

Sadly the heat is back so I’m going to be huddled inside all weekend, flat on my back in bed, and catching up on my reading. Ah, the scintillating life I lead.


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