I was looking at my cover thumbnails on KBoards and decided I have to change the cover for B: or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas yet AGAIN. I can’t see my name or the a’feared expression on Santa’s face when the cover’s as small as an inch. I just see a tiny Santa dancing on the snow. He ain’t dancing, he’s running! Oh, well, easily fixed but I swear my first book continues to be my most problematic. This’ll be the 2nd year it’s available during the holidays and it’s going to be RIGHT or I’ll shoot it.

I dunno if I mentioned I pulled an oblique muscle (the one right under your ribs) while I was at my desk last week finishing up ‘Without’ but I sure as shit did. Ow! My core! I’m waiting to heal entirely before I tackle the next in the Souls series or work on anything else but I can work on plots longhand at least.

I battle on!



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