We’re getting a ‘cold front’ of lower 90 degrees F for the mid week and then it ramps up to 110 heat index over the weekend. How dare the weather do this to me?! You know it’s too hot when you get offended. The cat’s torked off, too. She steps out onto that blistering balcony and gives me a LOOK when she steps right back in again. No, Polly, it ain’t my fault.

We interrupt this rant for our heroine to quickly pay her energy bill. If the daily storms knock it out I want to be damn sure it wasn’t me! Did ya’ll see the NC floods on the news? The cars that were submerged in the parking lot of a mall? That was my mall! Crabtree Valley Mall right next to little Crabtree Creek which floods like hell every time we get two inches of rain or more. I thought they were fixing that. It used to be on my route to work but I’m very relieved it isn’t anymore. I’m also thrilled I live on the 3rd floor. Anyway, the heat has me trapped inside and I’m chewing the walls.

But I’m keeping busy. A good promo is coming up on the 28th and ‘Without’ has to be ready. It was also my brilliant idea to make banners and buttons for my other works and for my website, email etc… Why do I always find extra work for myself when I’m on deadline?! Crazy person.

Back to work.


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