I was so wrapped up in finishing ‘Without’ that I missed my show! Waaah, ‘Houdini and Doyle!’ Really, though, I was so tired by the time it came on I would have nodded off anyway. I hope there’s another season on the way but I’m doubtful. There’s not a lot of activity on Twitter regarding it and the critics don’t like it. C’mon, another season for little ‘ol me, please? *bats eyes*

But I’m happy, still. ‘Without’ is finished, save one last wrap-up scene which’ll take me just a couple of hours. The scrub-up will take me all week and then it’s off to beta. Another scrub there and then it’ll be released (on time!) on July 20th or thereabouts. Le gasp! Le pant! I’m so brain-fried this morning and my elbow hurts. (?! Don’t give me a writing injury just when I getting started, damn it.)

Off to the day job. Ta!



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