Hellooo, Monday.

My weekend was nothing but work but I did, at least, manage to walk into a nest of fire-ants so that was interesting. BUT I crawled into the day-job this morning and found this…

Souls by the Sea is climbing up and I’m tickled beyond belief! And it all hit on a Sunday so that counts as a Beginner’s Tip for me and you: Release new material on a Sunday! I’d thought that was just a myth but since my sales graph started showing life there’s been spikes on Sundays, so it’s twu, IT’S TWU!

In other good news I have a 4 day weekend (for the 4th of July and Labor Day on the 5th) coming up. Someone asked me today what my plans for the holiday were. As ever,  my plans are to work. Bleah. But that’s the sacrifice you make when you’re trying to get off the ground. And, actually, writing makes my eyes glow in the dark so it’s not quite a hardship.



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