Noodle, tweak, fudge, fiddle…

Progress shmogress, I’m sleepy! The heat and attendant thunderstorms have been rolling through almost every night so I don’t think I’m going to make it through Bob Ross today. Happy little treeezzzzz….

I found some energy yesterday morning on the bus and covered a couple of pages with notes of changes and points-to-hit so I AM getting a little work done. But people look at you weird when you write in public. As if I’m writing their names and descriptions down in my ominous little book. Or, sometimes, I get someone brave and nosy who wants to know what I’m putting down. I can’t tell them I’m trying to organize the socio-political dynamics of my fantasy world full of vampires so I just say I’m keeping a diary. “Put me in it!” Yeah, okay.

YAWN! Away I go.



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