Writing Advice for Beginners from a Beginner

This shouldn’t come as a shock to ANYONE trying to sell something but it shocked me. I’m a writer! It’s not as if I’m trying to unload homemade soaps but actually? I am.

PROVIDE FREE PRODUCT. For writers that means free short stories and a free first book in a series. Provide links to your website and all the other (‘spensive) books you’ve written in the back matter and let it fly. It’s some of the best publicity you can generate. And I say that with a grin on my face because not one week after I made my 15 page kid story, Smug Slug, free it has shot up to #14 in children’s nature books on Amazon. And every one of those downloads gets a look at Souls by the Sea and B.


I still don’t have enough product to make a profit (because Souls is going free, too, this Saturday, in order to pave the way for the 2nd in the series) and I really envy people who are speedier and more prolific than I am. Who have more stuff to offer! Well, I’ll catch up.

the more you know


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