Slog, slog, slog…

Still chugging away on ‘Without.’ I’ve had the entire thing plotted for months but yesterday I got out ye olde traveling/writing journal on the bus and completely overhauled the third act. It had always bothered me somehow. It seemed logical and exciting enough but I was never satisfied with it. Now I am! And just in time to have the rough draft finished before June, too. These last minute re-thinks are going to be the death of me, though.

I’ve also distanced myself from ‘Souls’ long enough to see it needs a little finessing. No one’s paying attention to it, first in series and no promos, so now’s the time to do it. I desperately need a time-line before I go too deeply down the rabbit hole. My main heroine was a Junior in high school until I realized that it was too soon! I had to rewrite several sections to correct that mistake. Duh.

But it’s lookin’ good! The NC pollen has gone and I swapped out my eyeglasses so eyestrain and allergies have released me from their kung fu grip. So I might make faster progress. I’m still on track for a July release of ‘Without’ but forget about a definite day. I don’t think I could ever sell pre-orders.

Off I go!


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