Another tip for you.

Siiiiiiiiigh. In formatting your ebook you want to build the proper back matter. About the Author and links to your other works etc. Well. Do not, as some websites suggest, try to embed an HTML link. < a href = and so on. It won’t work. In your Word document highlight what you’re trying to turn into a link, like a book title, and do INSERT HYPERLINK. The hyperlink box will pop up and you input the web link there. Apply. Then save your .doc as WEB PAGE FILTERED and your links will be live, blue, and beautiful when it’s time to upload your book. Now we know.

I need to write all this fiddly crap down in one central location for my own sanity and to help anyone who needs the simplest way of doing things. I’m on my third book so you’d think I’d know it all but how will I know I made a mistake if no one tells me? Getting reviews and crit when you’re just starting out is like looking for unicorns. In fandom there’s always someone ready to jump in and help (especially if you’re writing their OTP) but with original fic you have to prove yourself before people will work with you. Preview Your Book doesn’t help that much. And my best resource for random help is a whopping huge comm, KBoards’ Writer’s Cafe, that moves so fast that the good stuff gets buried quickly. There’s another caution that I need to include. @#%$!

I have to give myself a break, though, because I’ve only been at this since last July. It hasn’t even been a year! But by the glorious 4th of July I’ll have one stand-alone novel plus two novellas in a series, perfectly friggin’ formatted, and that’s progress!


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