In other news…writing!

I had a little bit of a breakdown on Friday because I didn’t know that putting spaces between paragraphs on an e-book IS A HANGING OFFENSE! What looks good on a .doc or a preview pane looks like deserts of white space on smaller screens like phones and small tablets. Indents are enough. But not the full 5 point indent, JUST A 3 POINT IS PLENTY or else, again, you get a streak of white space. See, it’s this fiddly crap that will drive an ‘indie author’ completely bugnuts.

So I had to go home and reformat and re-upload everything and I’d been scratched by a cat and it was End of Month at work and I had a headache and WAAAAH! So I put in ‘Home’ and watched it. Sniffle! So I felt better.

Also making me feel better was the 6,000 words I managed to add to my current WIP while also restructuring the outline of the next two chapters. A brilliant plot point has fallen into my lap and, sure, it was an accident but I feel like a genius anyway.

I’m officially OVER the halfway mark! And it’s only May. I have a July 1st release date but at this rate I’ll have it out by the end of June. WOOT!


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