Screw you, too, Timmy!

A cat was loitering around my steps yesterday. He had a collar on and was friendly so I picked him up to check his tag. I noticed his name was Timmy and then he KNOCKED MY LIPS INTO THE DIRT! Ow! I dropped him and he ran away, giggling.

I had to cup my hand under my face to catch the blood as I climbed the steps home. So that’s one ugly scratch on my chin and another on my lip, both bruised and swollen this morning. (Gah, try putting on lipstick when your lips are sore. I can’t NOT press them together!) At least he didn’t bite me, I can’t have another clinic bill on my conscience. A scratch from a strange cat is nothing to be thrilled about either but it’s not a case for immediate antibiotics. I’m watching it carefully, though.

Grrrr, asshole cat. This is going into my Souls by the Sea series. A bastard nut of a witch, named Timmy, disguises himself as a cat so he can claw people.



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