Log: Releasing Wide…

…is a pain. But Amazon Select was doing me no good beyond a few scattered pages read so as soon as my 3 months were up I gladly flung my books all over the world. D2D for B&N, Kobo, Apple etc… and Smashwords for the libraries and obscure venues. This happened on Saturday and I’m still waiting for completion. (Aren’t we all?)

I shouldn’t be surprised by a lack of attention on Amazon, though, to be totally fair. I didn’t promote anything. There’s no real point until I get the 2nd in the Souls series finished and ‘B’ is a Christmas standalone.

I also sent out my first newsletter on Sat. WOOHOO! I want to frame it. I already have several people signed up for it which is amazing because of the No Promo thing but I ain’t complaining.



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