Blog: Pollen, Progress, and HB2

I just sneezed eight times at last. YAY! Over the weekend I fought the pollen with dusters, broom, and vacuum and nearly killed myself but, hey, my place looks great and the layers of Green Death weren’t as deep. Soon my allergy nightmare will be over!

Also! With ‘Souls by the Sea’ finally out of my hair I moved on to the sequel. ‘Without.’ It took me a while to get up speed but I finally knocked three perfect chapters out of the park this past week. I want to get the first draft done by May. People in hell want ice water but I’m going to give it my best shot. I have to learn how to work faster and with greater accuracy. That’ll come with experience. Writing novels and novellas as quickly as I can is a long way from putting out the occasional fanfic. But I expect to have three novellas in the Young Adult series out by Christmas plus the standalone novel ‘B.’ Will that translate into any profit at all? Dunno. Lord, I hope so.

My main reason for hoping so is because my apartment bldg is cranking up the rents. 25,000 new people move into my county from all over the world every year and they’re willing to pay anything for housing. Those of us who are already here are being priced out. My rent went up $70 and it’s slated to go up even more next year. My health insurance also went up. On my salary that’s impossible to tolerate.

Don’t even get me started on the evil embarrassment that is HB2. I want to put a bag over my head from the shame every time I turn on the news. At least I’m not in Mississippi.

Somewhere out there is a liberal and affordable place to live. I just have to find it!


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