Blog: Souls by the Sea

Paranormal urban fantasy on the lighter side. Souls by the Sea is the first in the series and will be followed by Souls by the Sea: Without in July of 2016 and Souls by the Sea: The Visit the following fall.

Souls Small

Held for ransom in a vision of a town lost in time, Burlington McLauren must beat the witch that’s trapped her there and overcome the monsters he’s set in her path. Fisk Iping is powerful. No depressed teenage girl can beat him at this game. But what will they do when they realize they’re not alone in that unreal place? 

Burlie doesn’t need this. She’d been doing so well out in the real world. The Dogmen howling at the moon and the blood-thirsty Smiths flapping through the night didn’t bother her at all but now….

 Now, in the town of Souls by the Sea, both real and imagined, there will be a showdown. A triumph. 

And a betrayal. 

Here ’tis on Amazon!


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