Post: That wasn’t the cover you were looking for…

*hand waves*

The cover I made for Souls really showcased the fun and historic nature of my book BUT it didn’t showcase, at all, what the story was about. There’s been some confusion. Also, my lead character is recovering from depression and the jolly smiles on the Spider Girls certainly didn’t hint to that.

Worst of all, I got the proof in the mail. The cover is grainy and looks like hell in person. Bah. So I heaved a heavy sigh and turned to Go On Write, a pre-made cover designer AND THERE IT WAS!


It’s utterly, utterly perfect for ‘Souls by the Sea.’ It’s by the damn sea, for one thing, our heroine looks a little moody and is even wearing a cloak, hallelujah. Wrong color but who cares, you PEDANT! And she’s surrounded by black cats which indicates witchery. But it isn’t a hopeless, black, fantasy mess. That’s my book! That’s it! Mr. Go On Write will make the necessary changes and then it’ll be mine, all mine!

To clarify, the book may be out there but the Big Release complete with proper promos will happen on April 1st. No foolin.’ Can’t wait.


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