Blog Post: Yay! They’re alive!

Funny how a couple of lines from a beta can turn a perfect manuscript back into a rough draft. Woe. But the problems were easy to fix.

Souls by the Sea is going up tomorrow and I’m all excited even though the official release won’t be until Mid-March when I get all my promotional ducks in a row.

Then on to Souls by the Sea: Without. Whee! The outline is perfected and every word is going to be fun to write. Let’s see how long the actual writing will take me. I want it done, perfected, and gone by the end of July. Here’s hoping.

Whee, again! My NetZero stick has just arrived! I’m online again! Not the most robust plan in the world but I can answer my emails and do promos in the comfort of my home. Rock, rock, rock!


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