Post: I got chili and chocolate.

Work is having a chili cook-off and I brought fudge. Cold as it is today they can keep the chili. Unless it’s really spicy and not something with a Ragu spaghetti-sauce base. Ya’ll are Southern, you know better than that! Anyway…

‘Souls’ is still out for beta and not a peep back yet. Always a nail-biting time but I’m glad it’s finally reached this stage and I immediately sat down and outlined the next in the series. ‘Souls by the Sea: Without’  A mystery! Actual red herrings and everything! Here’s hoping this one stretches to 40k words. It certainly has the potential.Then I picked up ‘B’ again and started to kill my darlings. That’ll depress a person.

So much to do. Plus work. Plus chores. Plus taxes. Plus being social. Plus the cat even. No wonder I dropped off in the middle of the ‘Creepy Monsters’ nature doc last night. I need to manage my time better but my ambition is over-riding my good sense. Anyway, Souls took me three months from beginning to end. Let’s see if I can shave a month off Souls 2. (AIIIGH! What did I just say about ambition, you crazy moron?!)


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