Ahhh, Blessed Relief.

I was feeling so damn unpretty for a while there but I checked my email this morning and I have two beta volunteers. YAY! I’m also thoroughly jazzed about my new chair that’s coming in the mail today. It’s an early birthday present from the family and it replaces the cheap-ass chair (that broke) which was a replacement for my first cheap-ass chair. That broke. I’m currently using a plastic Adirondack chair (broken) and its killing my back. But I’m getting a recliner today, you hear me?!


Writing in comfort, I love it. Speaking of, I tweaked my covers to Smug Slug and B over Saturday and I like the results. I’m still going to overhaul B’s entirely but SS’s can stay. I also found an online creative filter site that I LOVE and I’m going to run Soul’s cover through it. So I’m also going to keep it a secret. MIIIINE! The web being what it is I’d better do several Soul covers at once before the filter disappears. Luckily I have the plots for five lined up already so they’ll be relevant. The rest will, er, be a little more vague.

Off I go!



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