I survived the ice storm of Ought ’16!

And my electricity didn’t go out. Whew. I spent the time coughing (yes, still) and revising ‘Souls by the Sea.’ All the beats I wanted to hit have been hit and I’ve caught all the mistakes I can see. It’s STILL at 33,000 words. I’ve learned to live with it. One final gloss and I’ll be calling for beta readers on Thursday. They’ll get their drafts on Saturday (I’ve no internet at home.)

While they guffaw over all the stuff I missed I’ll be reworking ‘B or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas.’  Only three people have mentioned that there’s an excess of characters but that’s too many. It’s a kid’s book but it’s longer than Souls, about 37k words. Ruh roh. Well, I’ll whittle it down as a palate cleanser while I’m waiting for Souls to come back to me.

I’ll also make covers for both. They’ll be mixed media covers so Note to Self: buy several sheets of the same color paper for future editions. And glue.

And more cold meds, hack! Cough!



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