Snorting salt water at my desk…

…not much fun. But I’m trapped at work and I can’t breathe so I’m desperate. Just when I was recovering from the cough a damn sinus cold broadsided me. Gah. I’ve gotten to where I actually enjoy the taste of my Jekyll and Hyde formula and the cayenne is helping. I battle on!

From the Writing Front: ‘Souls by the Sea’ has refused to become a novel. A long novella it’ll have to be, then, at 33,000 words. (40k makes a novel.) I could stuff 7,000 extra words worth of padding in but it’ll read like padding so I’ll skip it. I’ll do the final gloss and hand it over to the betas either this weekend or next week. While they’re doing their thing I’ll be outlining the next one! I want to have two more finished before Christmas. Hell, three more would be ideal if I could improve my speed. When you’re self publishing, nothing succeeds like excess!


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